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Mansion to Small Victorian House Floor Plans

Victorian house plans cover a wide variety of looks which is a combination of several other main like Queen Anne, Second Empire and Italianate. Although this style is quite American, it debuted during the reign of Queen Victoria of England, in the late 19th century. The most attractive features of Victorian house plans are their corner towers or turrets, they bay windows and wrap around porches. Victorian home plans are right out of a storybook, with their striking façade, old-world charm, intricate decorative detailing, and other elements that are incorporated into their finish and trim.  At Dream House Plans, we have mansion to small Victorian house floor plans.  It does not matter what you are looking for whether it is old Victorian to Queen Anne Victorian home plans with secret passageways we either have it or can create it.


Old Victorian Home Plans with Secret Passageways

There is nothing like the charm of old Victorian homes with secret passageways.  You can get lost thinking about the stories that eco from the walls of such homes.  The imagination can run wild with the idea of secret passageways.  Such old homes are rarely seen today.  However, you can have a modern rendition of old Victorian home plans with secret passageways.  At Dream House Plans we do offer such home blueprints for sale however we can always create your own rendition of an old Victorian home plan with secret passageways.  Old Victorian home plans act as a good starting point when looking at floor plans for houses, and many unique and intricate details can be added to the home for character. These features were made popular when Victorian house plans were at their peak at the turn of the 20th century. Bottom line, Victorian home plans are stylish, grand, unique and very, very attractive.


Small Victorian Style House Plans

Even small Victorian style house plans have striking exteriors. Owners of Victorian homes often paint them in fanciful colors reflective of the freedom offered by the industrial revolution, which made the creation of such elaborate homes possible. Rich ornamental elements are a typical feature of Victorian style home plans. The first old Victorian house plans were a departure from the heavy masonry and timber-framed framed homes. Gingerbread trims, the unique towers, turrets and bays that were common only in luxury homes were made affordable to the common man due to the industrial revolution. Strong asymmetrical forms and steeply pitched roofs are common in old Victorian house plans, and vibrant colors emphasize the ornate designs. The Victorian style of architecture design can be found in the older neighborhoods of America, and old as well as Queen Anne Victorian home plans still remain a popular choice among Americans. Victorian homes are being built throughout America even today and some even have secret passageways.


Inside Victorian style house plans, the floor plans often incorporate hexagonal or octagonal rooms. More often than not, though, Victorian home plans have traditional floor plans with the formal living and dining rooms and the kitchen on the first floor, and bedrooms and family living rooms on the second floor. There are also split bedroom floor plans with the master suites on the ground level, which offers modern convenience with classic architecture. Victorian houses are usually 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom, 5 bedroom or even higher depending on the functional requirements of the homeowner. All bedrooms have plenty of natural light and cross-ventilation due to the large windows facing in different directions, often 3 or 5 per room. Even Victorian house plans can have modern open floor plans, hi-tech kitchens, richly detailed ceilings and built-ins, and spacious bathrooms. Dream House Plans has a variety of Victorian home plans that you can choose from.


Victorian Farmhouse Plans

Victorian farmhouse home plans feature elaborate details on the interior as well as the exterior. Strong historical features include towers, turrets, dormers, bays, eyebrow windows, steep roof pitches and porches with decorative railing and turned posts. Decoration and ornamentation are used along with narrow-lap wood siding or shingles in Victorian style house plans. Verandas with supporting columns, multiple rooms for various functionalities, and expressive wood work or stone work or a combination of both are common in Victorian farmhouse house plans. Victorian floor plans are mostly two story, with a number of different features that are used in different combinations to make every single house plan unique. Eaves and gable ends often show off decorative brackets and delicate gingerbread detailing. Victorian floor plans tend to be rambling and free-form due to their irregular massing. Victorian farmhouse house plans tend to be large with multiple bays and roof elements at irregular heights, contributing to the complex roofline.


Victorian Home Blueprints for sale

Victorian house plans draw their influences from different styles of architecture like Queen Anne, Gothic Revival, Stick style, Eastlake, Second Empire and Shingle style. One or more wrap around porches In Victorian home plans provide quiet places to relax and unwind, or to entertain family and friends. Every opportunity to add embellishments and decorations is made use of, with spindles and turned posts adorning the porch, elaborate brackets and bargeboards under the eaves, and shingled patterns on the upper walls. Victorian style house plans have clapboard and fish scale siding accents. Dormers that are used as accents often accompany all these decorative details in Victorian homes. Some Victorian house plans feature metal standing seam roofs as accents or on the entire roof. Regardless of how traditional the features of Victorian home plans are, they are all loaded with modern amenities like convenient built-ins and hi-tech gadgets.  At Dream House Plans we offer a wide variety of Victorian home blueprints for sale as well as open floor plans to provide for wide range of family needs to ensure peaceful tranquil living.


Old Victorian house plans are ideal for those who want a unique home to express their individuality. Queen Anne Victorian home plans are a perfect starting point from which various interpretations and personalized features can be incorporated into the home in a large number of ways. The best part is Victorian style house plans can even be affordable, thanks to modern architectural techniques! With their beautiful embellishments and impressive detailing, Victorian homes are truly one-of-a-kind. No two homes are like! Dream House Plans has a wide collection of Victorian house plans that you can choose from. You can live in a fairytale home every single day of your life! If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can make your own house plan, exactly the way you want it, in simple, easy steps. We can make your dream house a reality! So go ahead and start browsing our collection of amazing dream Victorian house plans.



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