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Traditional House Plans, Floor Plans & Home Plans

Our Traditional house plan collection contains a variety of styles that do not necessarily fit into our other design styles but that contain characteristics of older home styles including columns, gables and dormers. Popular new traditional home plans are usually two-story and have covered entries, at least one front facing gable, symmetrically spaced windows and modest ornamentation. To see more Traditional house plans, try our advanced floor plan search.  We have a wide range of traditional home plans such as traditional farmhouse plans, traditional colonial home plans as well as traditional open floor plans.  This style has a wide range of features that captures the elegance of old world charm and the modern features necessary for today’s busy lifestyle. 



Traditional Farmhouse Plans with Wrap Around Porches

Traditional farmhouse plans vary based on the features of both the traditional home plans and the farmhouse plans.  Most traditional farmhouse plans have wood siding and wrap around porches.  Open floor plays are often desired in a traditional farmhouse plan.  Wrap around porches are iconically traditional and yet represent the farmhouse style in a significant way.  Most traditional farmhouse homes have wrap around porches to allow for the beauty in nature to be enjoyed from the front porch. Traditional farmhouse plans appeal to rural America and strong family friendly values.  The traditional feel ties into the past connections while the farmhouse brings in the desired features of living life in the country with sprawling farmland and open fields.  There’s nothing like the peace you experience while sitting on a wrap around porch on a traditional farmhouse.  Truly ideal for those who want to experience rural culture.


Traditional Colonial House Plans & Other Architectural Design Styles

Traditional house plans are a blend of many different historical architectural styles. They aren’t contained to any one particular type of floor plan. They could be an eclectic mix of various architectural styles, or simple versions of one historic style. They can be small or large, simple or luxurious, affordable or really expensive. Depending on the source architectural house plan, traditional homes can have a variety of different looks. As suggested by the name, traditional house plans have some traditional characteristics, like a formal living and dining room, and welcoming front porches and fireplaces that exude warmth. Traditional homes come in all sizes, and they can be a one story house plan, a two story house plan or even higher. Traditional house plans represent the highly structured designs that have been popular for centuries in Europe and America. In contrast to open floor plans and contemporary plans, traditional homes have clearly defined formal spaces with distinct practical applications. Traditional homes adopt the charming features of various different house plans, like Craftsman, colonial, country, Victorian, farmhouse, and Southern Living, to name a few.


Traditional Southern House Plans Influenced by Craftsman Architecture Design Styles

Craftsman style home plans involve a high level of craftsmanship yet they embrace simplicity. These houses have some typical characteristics, like an emphasis on a relationship between the craft of construction and nature. Traditional house plans that adopt Craftsman style architecture design styles have one or more of the following characteristics: - Wood and stone used as basic building material, usually natural materials indigenous to location. - Broad eaves with brackets or exposed rafters. - Low-pitched roof, hipped, gabled, sometimes with a clipped gable. - 1 story to 2 story. - Open floor plan. - Expansive porches with square or round columns and stone supports. - Shingle and stucco siding. - Knee braces, exposed rafter tails and beams, elaborated rafter ends and verge boards, occasionally roof ridge finials. - Dormers: hipped, gabled, shed, sometimes in combination. - Built-in, handcrafted cabinetry. - Large fireplace, brick or native stone, often with built-in cabinetry on its sides. - Double-hung windows with multiple lights in the upper window over single pane below. - Unique custom features such as inglenooks and window seats.


Traditional Colonial Home Plans

Traditional house plans that are influenced by colonial architecture design styles include the characteristics of several building design styles associated with the colonial period of the United States, including Georgian, Spanish Colonial, Dutch Colonial, First Period English (late-medieval), and French Colonial. Traditional home plans that incorporate colonial features include one or more of the following characteristics: • Roofs are hipped, side-gabled or gambrel. • Panel front door centered topped with rectangular windows (in door or as a transom) and capped with an elaborate crown/entablature supported by decorative pilasters. • Cornice embellished with decorative moldings, usually dentilwork. • Multi-pane windows and fenestrations arranged symmetrically. • Small 6-paned sash windows and/or dormer windows in the upper floors. • Larger windows with 9 or 12 panes on the main floors. • A portico. • Large chimneys on both sides of the façade.


Traditional Colonial house plans have both colonial architecture design styles and traditional elements.  You can browse our collection of Traditional floor plans through our shopping filters and options.  If you don’t find the traditional colonial house plan you are looking for we can create one from scratch.  At Dream House Plans, we have new house plans being uploaded every day.  Our open floor plan design options are endless and yet very affordable. So you will be sure to find the traditional house blueprint to meet your every need. 


Traditional Ranch Home Plans Influenced by Country Architecture Designs

Certain traditional house plans incorporate the warm, welcoming characteristics of country homes in the United States, which are influenced by European country architecture designs. Simplicity blended with elegance make country dwellings prominent all over the American landscape. Traditional homes that are influenced by country house plans have one more of the following features… • A welcoming front porch as the focal point. • Symmetrical windows with shutters, that accentuate the exterior. • Second floor dormers, brought back from Colonial style homes, also contribute to plenty of interior light, as well as larger living areas. • Gabled roofs. • Lap siding. Country house plans combine several architectural design details on their well-proportioned, warm facades. Their well-known nostalgic look gives them an enduring appeal. Ultimate examples of country style house plans are found in New England and the South. The American Country style homes plans combine features from French country style homes, low country home plans as well as country ranch house plans.  Traditional ranch house plans combine the rustic elements desired in most ranch blueprints along with the charm of historic traditional design elements.


Traditional House Plans Two Story & One Story

Regardless of whether a floor plan is two story or one story, Traditional house plans have clearly defined interior spaces. The furnishings in traditional homes can be inspired by the French countryside, 18th century England, or even the exotic Eastern lands. Some of the most popular one story and two story traditional styles are 19th century neoclassical, French country, 18th century English and British Colonial revival. Some typical examples of the interiors of traditional house plans are green and peach tones that are balanced with tan and aubergine for a tad floral palette. These colors are enhanced with warm woody tones and bronze accents for a comforting, inviting interior. Traditional house plans have a tailored look to their windows, with a formal swag-and-panel combination. Panels are gathered loosely with tasseled cords. Fringe accents the swag treatment, adding a design detail to the scalloped edges. The fabrics used in traditional home plans are unique. For example, a small print on a pillow pairs nicely with a sofa with an all-over floral pattern.


Typical accessories in traditional home plans include still-life oil paintings, gilt frames and an emphasis on pairs. To further enhance the look, crystal chandelier, silver candlesticks, and fresh or silk flowers in a grand vase are often used. Regardless of the main architectural styles in a traditional home plan, the common thread in all traditional houses is a combination of classic clean lines with fresh sensibility. Whether the house is in the country, in town or at the shore, traditional house plans have a refined, elegant, nostalgic look to them. There’s no one particular style of architecture that one needs to adhere to for building a traditional home, which expands one’s options to include the best features from one’s favorite styles of house plans. At Dream House Plans, we give you the option to make your own floor plans. Take a look at our various options and let us know how we can help you design your dream house or dream blueprints!



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