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Beautiful Country House Plans and Home Plans        

Country house plans trace their origins to the picturesque cottages described by Andrew Jackson Downing in his books, "Cottage Residences" of 1842 and "The Architecture of Country Houses" of 1850. Country style floor plans overlap with Cottage and Farmhouse style house plans, though Country style house plans and homes tend to be larger than cottages and make more expressive use of wood for porch posts, siding, and trim. Today's Country style house plans emphasize a woodsy simplicity with a central door, evenly spaced windows, a front and/or a rear porch or wrap-around veranda, and a gabled roof. To see more Country house plans, try our advanced floor plan search.   We have country house plans in all square footage ranging from small country home plans to luxury plans for country living at its finest.  So regardless what kind of country house plan you are looking for we are sure to have it.  We have beautiful rustic country style house plans to French country home plans.  


Country Living: Country House Plans with a wrap around porch

Country house plans are one of the most popular home designs in the United States at the moment. Country homes are designed keeping country living in mind. The perfect country house plans are ones with a wrap around porch.  Spending hot summer days sitting on a wrap around porch is country living at its best. Country living can represent different things to different people. While some retire in the countryside, away from the noise and busyness of the city, others just keep a weekend or vacation home in the country. Some have country homes with most, if not all, of the urban amenities found in city homes. Still others embrace country living for all it holds, raising and cultivating their own food, stitching their own clothes, generating their own power, etc. Country living is special in many ways, a lifestyle of back-to-the-land values and self-reliance, of serenity, scenery, hard work and food cultivated in rich soil. Life goes at a slower, is more relaxed pace as compared to the city, there’s more time with friends and family, a greater sense of community, and closeness to nature that is not present in city life. As such, country house plans are designed keeping all these factors in mind.


There are a lot of advantages to living in the country. First of all, there’s a lot more privacy as compared to life in the city. This allows individuals more peace and spacious floor plans. Another big advantage of country living is the lesser number of crimes as compared to crime rates in the cities. While drive-by shooting, street gangs, child abductions and car-jackings are the most common crimes in cities, smaller country communities mostly have to deal with traffic violations, property crimes, teenage vandalism and similar petty crimes. Another major advantage that country living has over city life is closer sense of community and hometown values that comes from a slower pace of life, and more time for friends and family. Overall, life in the country is healthier for the mind, body and soul.


Country Style Home Plans with Open Floor Plans

Combining elements from several American and European styles, country house plans began appearing throughout the South during the 18th and 19th centuries. The front porch is the focal point of country home floor plans, along with symmetrical windows that accentuate the exterior. Dormers, brought back from Colonial style homes, also contribute to plenty of interior light, as well as larger living areas. Simplicity blended with elegance make country style house plans prominent all over the American landscape. Country house plans combine several architectural details on their well-proportioned, warm facades. Country houses are characterized by a welcoming front porch, second floor dormers, gabled roofs, lap siding, and symmetrical windows with shutters. Their well-known nostalgic look gives them an enduring appeal. Ultimate examples of country style house plans are found in New England and the South. The American Country style homes plans combine features from French country style homes, low country home plans as well as country ranch house plans.


French Country House Plans and Home Plans

Typically found in the French rural countryside, French country house plans range from estate-like chateaus as well as modest farmhouse designs. Regardless of the exact look of the building, French country house plans exude a rustic warmth and comfort. Common thematic features in the interior of these country homes are stone floors, wood beams and plaster walls. On the exterior, soft lines, a high-pitched hipped roof, decorative shutters and arches accented by keystones above the windows and doors, copper-topped bay windows and a symmetrical façade of stone, brick or stucco are typical features of French country home plans. Formal examples of this type of country home architecture are normally large luxury homes that include balconies, intricate masonry and details like corner quoins, but there are also smaller plans that embody French country house plan principles in more compact, affordable packages. Overall, French country style homes, whether they’re large mansions or cosy European-style farmhouses, all exude an air of refinement.


Low Country House Plans One Story and Two Story

Low country house plans are adapted to the climate and weather conditions of the coastal plains of South Carolina and Georgia. This type of country home plan has elevated foundations, which are designed to withstand floods and rainstorms, which are typical of the subtropical climate found in these gorgeous regions. At Dream House Plans, we have low country house plans that are both one story as well as two story.  Country house plans are often two stories but are also very nice as one story when designed right.


Often in low country house plans the first story is raised to keep the rooms more easily accessible by cool breezes. The typical characteristics of low country style of architecture are broad hip roofs that extend over large front columned porches, large windows and high ceilings, single-room depth to aid cross-ventilation, usually single-level (and if multi-story, light is funneled under the roof by dormers), broad porch accessible by multiple French doors, and a raised foundation. Traditional low country house plans are simple with rectangular or square floor plans, and generous windows and porches to catch the evening breeze. Often, low country homes have attractive, sturdy standing seam metal roofs.

Beautiful Country Farmhouse Plans

Selecting a country home often means you will be looking at some version of a farmhouse plan.  Country farmhouse plans are often designed with open floor plans and spacious rooms with big windows to allow the country air to rush in.  Country farmhouse plans most often have wrap around porches.  At Dream House Plans, we have an extensive collection of country farmhouse plans to meet your every need.  However, if you can’t find the perfect country farmhouse plan then we can always design one for you.  These country designs are ideal for farmhouse living. 


Luxury and Small Country Ranch House Plans

Country Ranch house plans combine traditional appeal with accessible, practical, one-story layouts. Single-level living can be appreciated by people of all ages, where living areas, kitchen, bedrooms, and garage can all be accessed without the obstacle of stairs. Country Ranch house plans are convenient and open, with their exteriors displaying the charms of country style like welcoming front porches and details that hearken back to Victorian and Colonial tradition, and their interiors being simple yet elegant. Typical characteristics of country ranch home plans are stair-free layouts, all on one level, traditional details and plenty of porches that, true to country style living, encourage nice evening get-togethers with friends and family, and the deep sense of community prevalent in country living.


Unique French Country House Plans & Low Country Style Home Plans

Find Unique French Country House plans & Low Country House Plans. We have Farmhouse Home Plans with a wrap around porch - Luxury to Small Country Designs for Cottage Living at its best. Dream House Plans has endless options to help you find the perfect unique open floor plan with all the features you are looking for including a wrap around porch and even a finished basement. 


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