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Luxury to Small Cape Cod House Plans

Cape Cod house plans are one of the most distinguished and recognized American house styles. From luxury to small cape cod house plans they have wonderfully adapted to the needs of a modern family, providing ample space behind a modest façade. Cape Cod style house plans have the feel of a cozy cottage, with floor plans that encourage family gatherings around a large central fireplace. The steep gable roof is designed to shed snow easily, and provides ample living space on the second floor.  While some even have a wrap around porch to allow for the quaint ambiance of outdoor southern living.


Cape Cod house plans are one of the most distinguished and recognized American house styles. They are iconic to the American dream for many people.  Cape Cod house plans first appeared on the eastern seaboard between 1710 and 1850. Plentiful timber resources in the New World boosted the expansion of these traditional, one-room cottages and marked them as the quintessential New England style. Cape Cod style home plans are simple and symmetrical, usually one story or one-and-a-half stories, with no porch.  However, many people do want a Cape Cod house plan with a wrap around porch. These open concept floor plans have a dominant roofline which extends down to the level of the first floor ceiling, and often feature dormer windows, which indicate living space under the roof. The open concept Cape Cod style house plans originated in 17th century Massachusetts, where, due to the region's inhospitable coastal weather conditions, a simple, sturdy design was necessary. Cape Cod house plans are usually low and wide, built practically and affordably. They provide good protection against high winds and snowy storms. Cape Cod house plans still maintain their colonial era charm.


Cape Code Floor Plans with a wrap around porch

Many Cape Code floor plans do not have a wrap around porch, however the popularity of the wrap around porch has increased over the years.  People want more and more to bring the outdoors inside so the wrap around porch provides that without compromising the cape code style.  These cape code floor plans are often small yet are modern enough to allow for comfortable living.  At Dream House Plans, if you do not find the right Cape Code floor plans you are looking for we can design one from scratch or even take an existing open concept cape cod house plan and modify it meet your exact requirements.  This may include adding a wrap around porch to a cape code floor plan. 


Cape Cod style house plans have the feel of a cozy cottage, with floor plans that encourage family gatherings around a large central fireplace. The steep gable roof is designed to shed snow easily, and provides ample living space on the second floor. Dormer windows, giving them a truly enchanting feel, usually light the upstairs bedrooms. Cape Cod house plans are short, stout, and simple, while still evoking powerful images of warmth and comfort, integrity and safety. Cape Cods say, “Home” unlike any other house plan. They’re affordable, owing to the use of simple construction techniques. Cape Cod houses can be found anywhere homeowners want clean, symmetrical lines. Often utilizing wood shingles or clapboard siding, Cape Cods feature utilize double-hung windows with shutters, with little roof overhang and a minimum of exterior ornamentation. The symmetrical design is mirrored in the interior, which often features a center hall layout. The second floor is usually a half-story under the roof gable, with dormer windows providing light and effective air circulation.


Cape Cod House Floor Plans History Explored

British colonists who came to America in the late 17th century built the first Cape Cod house plans. Their homes were modeled after the half-timbered houses of England, but the Cape Cod style was still adapted to the harsh New England weather. Over a few generations, a modest, one to one-and-a-half-story house with wooden shutters developed. Reverend Timothy Dwight, a president of Yale University, was given the credit for recognizing these houses as a separate class and for coining the term, "Cape Cod." In the late 1800s and early 1900s, a renewed interest in America's past architectural trends inspired a range of Colonial Revival styles. Colonial Revival Cape Cod house floor plans became especially popular during the 1930s. After the Second World War, the architect, Royal Barry Wills, promoted the affordable Cape Cod style floor plans for small lot houses in suburban developments throughout the United States. Being inexpensive, these small houses filled a need for soldiers returning from the war.


Variations of Cape Code Home Plans

Full Cape or Double Cape - Deemed the quintessential Cape Cod house plan, full Capes were in fact rare in the 18th century. Those that existed belonged to the most proficient settlers. Steep pitched roofs and a symmetrical five-bay façades with generous entrance doors centered on massive chimneys were characteristic of full Cape Cod home plans. || Three-Quarter Cape - Although rarely duplicated in the Cape Cod revivals that would come many decades later, the three-quarter Cape was a centerpiece of 18th and early 19th century New England. On the three-quarter Cape Cod home plan as well as the half Cape Cod style house plan, the entry was offset slightly from the chimney. || Half Cape or Single Cape - The Half Cape Cod style home plan was the starter house of its day. It often evolved into a three-quarter Cape and on to a full Cape through subsequent additions as its inhabitants’ families and fortunes grew. Nevertheless, examples of the Half Cape Cod house plan remain throughout New England.


Open Concept Cape Cod House Plans

Most of the open concept Cape Cod house plans seen today were built after World War II, when multitudes of returning soldiers and their young families needed affordable housing. Cape Cod style house plans fit the bill, and they were used to construct some of the first major housing developments. || Key Elements – Open Concept Cape Cod house plans have a large, central chimney, located directly behind the main entrance door, with the rooms clustered around it in a rectangular shape. • Cape Cods have steep roofs to quickly and easily shed rain and snow, and a shallow roof overhang. • A full open concept Cape Cod style house plan has two windows on each side of the door, and dormers on either side of the chimney to open up the attic. • The second open floor is often accessed by a narrow stair, also known as a captain’s stairway, which has very steep risers and shallow treads to minimize the use of the first-floor space. • Weathered gray shingles are one of the most recognizable elements of a classic small Cape Cod house plan, but newer, more modern homes are built of brick, stucco and stone.


Cape Cod Style House Plans

20th Century Adaptations • Modern Cape Code style house plans have finished rooms on the second story. • They have large dormers to expand living space on the second story. • The chimney is placed at one end of the Cape Code home instead of at the center. • The houses have single-paned double-hung or casement windows. • Cape Cod style house plans typically have decorative shutters that do not close. • Sided in shingles, wood, brick, vinyl, aluminum or stone. • The garage or additional room is attached to one side of the Cape Code home or to its rear. It is quite common to find modern-day Cape Cod houses mingled with influences from the following styles: Craftsman house plans, Bungalow house plans, Tudor Cottage house plans and Ranch house plans. At Dream House Plans, we have a wide range of Cape Cod house plans for you to choose from. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll be happy to design your dream home plan for you!


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