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Small Cabin Floor Plans with Loft

Cabin house plans are designed to blend beautifully with their natural surroundings. Cabin floor plans come with straightforward footprints and simple roofs. While more often than not they’re designed as vacation homes with pared-down features, cabin home plans can also be designed as primary residences, keeping luxury in mind. Dream House Plans allows you to customize dream cabin plans in easy steps we can even a loft to any cabin floor plan.  We have a range of luxury to small cabin floor plans with loft and without loft.  Depending on what you are looking for we will be sure to find the perfect rustic log cabin for mountain living or even a hunting cabin.


Log Cabin House Plans

Cabin house plans are designed to blend beautifully with their natural surroundings. Most log cabin floor plans come with straightforward footprints and simple roofs. While more often than not they’re designed as vacation homes with pared-down features, these log cabin house plans can be built and designed to be your main home or perhaps a vacation home in the mountains for snow trips or hunting excursions. At Dream House Plans you can modify any house plan or home blueprint we have in our collection.  While we may not have as many log cabin floor plans we can easily design one fully based on your exact preferences.  Cabin homes are the ultimate example of a relaxed lifestyle and oneness with Mother Nature. Their simple forms make them affordable to build and easy to maintain. Cabin plans come in many shapes and sizes, configurations and styles, from log cabin homes to A Frame cabin plans to contemporary cottages. What’s common among all the styles are an emphasis on casual indoor-outdoor living with generous porches and open kitchens. Cabin house plans offer rustic simplicity combined with all the necessary amenities to make a comfortable home.


A Frame Cabin Plans and Rustic Plans

While cabin house plans are often associated with log cabin homes, they come in a variety of different styles. They could be small or large, simple or luxurious, but they all offer plenty of charm and character, including some type of natural, organic exterior ornamentation. Cabin house plans offer innovative and unique ideas designed to help lead a simple yet full lifestyle. Cabin homes offer high livability and an uncomplicated way of life, while still featuring modern amenities and elegant design features within the home’s interior. Cabin house plans have a typical hallmark: porches. These create a welcoming and inviting environment for greeting friends and family, thus encouraging deeper relationships. Since cabin house plans are designed to blend beautifully with their natural surroundings, covered porches offer the perfect escape from the heat of the day while sipping on iced tea or enjoying the warm morning sun or relaxing in the summer breeze.  Cabin homes can also be designed with as an A Frame cabin floor plan.  This design style combines the A Frame house plan design features with the log cabin floor plan design features.  Also remember that any home blueprint can be modified to add a loft or any other feature you would like.


Small Cabin House Plans for Mountain Living or Hunting

Usually, small cabin floor plans are selected for recreational second homes used for short-term vacations or weekend getaways. Small cabin floor plans provide ease of living and maintenance, ideally suited for people wanting to spend as much time outdoors as possible on their vacation. These smaller cabin footprints come in one story or one and a half story variants, with cozy gathering places like fireplaces both on the interior and the exterior, and often feature bunk rooms and overhead lofts. Small cabin floor plans maximize the efficient use of space, making use of multi-purpose rooms and giving the home a spacious quality. - LARGE CABIN PLANS - Compared to small cabin plans, large cabins are considered luxury homes with exceptional attention to detail, the choicest materials and amenities, and expansive, efficient floor plans for executive style living. Large cabin plans are adapted to the needs of modern families with multi-level floor plans offering panoramic views of the outside. Large cabin feature open floor plans with plenty of natural light, making the sundrenched rooms perfect for large-scale entertaining as the common rooms seamlessly flow into one another as well as to the outdoor spaces. Luxury is the keyword for large cabin house plans.


More Small Cabin Floor Plans with Loft

Small lots require effective use of vertical space, and that’s when lofts are incorporated into a cabin house plan. These can be used as sleeping quarters or as storage space. Overhead lofts can also be utilized as master suites, thus freeing up the main floor’s space to function as an open living and entertaining area. –


Cabin House Plans with a Wrap Around Porch

Wrap around porches are a hallmark of cabin house plan, functioning as greeting spaces for family and friends, or as an ultimate escape for some time alone to be spent reading or relaxing in the summer breeze while being protected from the heat of the day. These extended outdoor living spaces allow for comfortable, easy and simple living in natural surroundings while also providing welcome respite from the busyness of everyday living.  Most cabin house plans can have a wrap around porch if this is something you desire for rustic living or for a hunting cabin.


Log Cabin Floor Plans

A log cabin home is a residence constructed of logs, often being architecturally less sophisticated, and falls into the category of small cabin floor plans. Log cabins are associated with first generation home building by settlers in America, while in Europe they have a long history. Log cabin plans first showed up in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Small cabin floor plans are constructed by stacking tree trunks one on top of another and overlapping the logs at the corners. In present-day United States, the simple, affordable and rustic nature of log cabins makes them the ideal vacation home. Luxury log cabin plans are spacious and elegant, with whirlpool tubs, skylights and other amenities. -


Features of Cabin House Plans

Cabin home plans offer efficient sizing and simplicity. They make affordable vacation homes, with their rustic simplicity perfectly suited for lakesides, beaches and even mountains. Log cabin homes have a woodsy vibe. Decks and porches are common, as are simple gable or cross-gable roofs. Decorative features are sparse to non-existent. In the interior of cabin home plans, fireplaces or woodstoves and a cozy kitchen are definite fixtures. Here are some commonly found features in cabin plans: One bedroom or two bedroom homes to reduce cost of building OR luxury homes with more rooms, private bathrooms and personal porches. Fireplace or woodstove. Generous porches, decks or patios – focus on outdoor living. Large windows framing outside view. Open concept design for fun, relaxed environment. -- Whichever type of cabin house plan you’re looking for, be it log cabin homes, small cabin plans, A frame cabin plans or even charming cottages, Dream House Plans has got it all for you.


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