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Simple A-Frame House Plans

Simple A frame house plans also known as timber frame house plans or A frame cabin plans, are perhaps the most sought after home plans for vacation dwellings. Whether it’s on a lakeside, a mountain or sheltered by towering trees, A frame house plans make for lovely, rustic family homes. They look like three dimensional forms of the letter “A”, and A frame houses look like they’re nothing but roof, where all the living space is contained under a steep gable. While a steep roof is a stunning architectural designs styles, it’s also very functional as it allows snow to slide down easily in the winter months. 


Modern A-frame Home Plans

Simple A frame house plans create dramatic appeal with their large windows in the gable ends, and these also help light reach the interior of the house plan. A frame home plans are simple and easy to construct, also making them affordable homes. However, that by no means implies that A frame houses are humble. They can function as luxury homes as well as stripped down, functional family homes.  Some people even build modern A-frame home plans on larger lots to be used as play spaces for children or a guest home for family who visit.  Some have even constructed modern A-frame home plans as in law suites on properties.  These simple small A-frame house plans can function fully as an independent house with the privacy and distance from the main home, making them great options as guest houses.  As you can see, modern A-frame home plans can meet a number of family requirements as well as overall increase the value of your property. 


Small A-Frame Cabin Plans and Structure

The unique and well-recognized A Frame house plans are typically one story or one and a half stories high with steep pitched rooflines that slope almost to ground level and are undaunted by heavy snowfall. To quote author Chad Randl, "An A-frame is a triangular structure with a series of rafters or trusses that are joined at the peak and descend outward to the main floor level." The gable ends feature walls of windows. A frame cabin plans, also known as timber frame house plans, have decks to make the most of the outside views. Maintenance of the home is limited to its front and rear ends. Decks, porches and patios create plenty of room for outdoor living. These homes use a lot of wood in the construction, giving them the name of A frame cabin plans or timber frame house plans. The exterior is sheathed in natural wood or shingles, with a dramatic deck or wrap around porch. Simple A-frame cabin plans are great for wooded lots or mountainous lots with good views.  You can even build a beautiful A-frame cabin alongside a river or lake.   These A-frame homes can be beautiful overlooking the water. 


A-Frame House Floor Plans

Inside, A frame cabin plans typically have open concept floor plans with very few vertical walls to make maintenance easier, giving them the feel of a Swiss chalet or a log cabin. A frame house plans offer open and inviting interiors with high ceilings, a comfortable half-floor loft, bedroom or storage at the top of the home, and masonry fireplaces. An A frame home usually feature on large open space with living areas on the main floor. The ceiling often has exposed rafters, or is closed in for a traditional look. Island kitchens are also common in A frame floor plans. Whatever the interior details of such a home are, they are usually economical and comfortable. Cozy fireplaces are a common feature in simple A frame cabin plans. The interiors of timber frame house plans are lighter and airier than others due to the expansive windows. A frame house plans beautifully integrate the interior and exterior spaces by seamlessly allowing for indoor/outdoor living.


The A frame cabin plans are easy to construct due to their simple structure and modest use of materials. They are also more durable than other types of house plans as they can withstand harsh weather. A frame homes are often constructed of cedar and stone, with the use of stone accents and wood siding for texture. Hence they blend beautifully with their surroundings. Porches can be built on the front and rear of the home, on the main floor or all floors. This feature makes them ideal for outdoor living, entertaining, and vacationing, as they make a rustic yet refined choice for homeowners looking to enjoy mid-century modern architecture design styles mixed with old-world charm in a country setting. The large windows lend their own charm to the simple yet modern A frame house plans.


A-Frame Home Plans History

The triangular and tee pee shaped A frame home plans were an old form commonly found in China, Europe and the South Pacific Islands. They were simple structures commonly used for their utilitarian purposes until the 1930s. Austrian-born architect Rudolph Schindler brought the A frame cabin plans to America in 1934 when he built a simple A frame vacation house overlooking Lake Arrowhead in California. It had an open concept floor plan with glass-walled gables and exposed rafters. However, A frame homes rose to popularity in the 1950s and 1960s, post World War II, when economical, simple homes were in demand. This style was so adaptable that architects started exploring different avenues of expression for this house. Soon, pre-fabricated A frame home plans were available for purchase at establishments such as Macy’s. The easily constructed and affordable A frame homes haven’t declined in popularity since then. They’re still the most popular house plans for vacation homes all over the United States, especially in the colder regions.


While many consider A frame home plans ideal for vacation homes and getaways, it is starting to become the popular house plan of choice for main dwellings in colder regions. It easily fits into nestled away wooded settings, mountainsides, beachfronts and lakefronts as well. Whether it’s tucked away in a wooded small lot, or perched on a mountainside, what makes the A frame house plans popular is their simplicity in style, ease of construction, their affordable nature, the feeling of comfort and warmth that they evoke, and the large windows that open up the beautiful exterior of the house and seamlessly make the outdoors a part of life. Dream House Plans has a good variety of A frame house plans you can choose from. What’s more, if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can even make your own house plan in easy steps. All you need to do is tell us what you have in mind and we’ll make your dream house plan a reality.


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